Friday, August 14, 2009

Really? Another Blog?

So I thought I might blog this journey,not really for anyone but myself,but if it happens to inspire or otherwise motivate someone else with a similar goal then GREAT!
Let me begin by introducing myself.I am a 30 something year old mom of 2 boys.But before I was a mom-I was a wife,a friend,a sister,a daughter,dreamer and a horse owner! Many titles and labels.Blah to labels btw!

Well I have always,deep down in my soul loved ranch horses. Growing up in Salinas,CA. wherever I went there seemed to be a good looking rope horse or cutting horse that was always catching my eye and making my heart skip a beat.Their calmness,willingness and loyalty never seemed to tire or waiver.Jump ahead 20 years.I STILL have that admiration for such a horse! Agile,athletic,cowy,and an all around hand and partner to get the job done.

This blog is about my journey to make my horse a better horse,the training he and I will have to do in order to make him good enough and myself good enough to compete in AQHA's Versatility Ranch Horse classes and the NVRHA classes as well.

I am giving myself 5 years to get to an actual competition! Nothing like long term goals!

We've already started our journey before this blog was even an inkling of an idea. I know that makes you feel better! Like I said earlier,the journey began with a dream as a young girl in Salinas.More recently,almost 2 years ago now,I bought a horse that I fell in love with online.He was bred at Foothills Ranch( in Canada and raised in AZ and CO by a good friend. I was lucky enough to buy him as a 3 year old and he had already been started under saddle and had had a rope thrown off of him and at least seen cattle.
But now my horse ("Hayden") and I don't live on a ranch.No we live on what some might call a ranchette! 3 acres of pasture,house,and pool. (Pool's for us not the horses!)Not a cow/steer/or buffalo in sight.Not even an arena.But we will NOT let those small details deter us! Oh no! We have the cowgirl spirit and those minor details we will just toss aside into our hurdle pile and conquer on!

Here's a picture of my trusty steed.

Well,this will be fun! I will try and update tomorrow and catch this blog up to where we presently are in our quest for this personal challenge but right now I have to go out and do barn chores and work with Hayden on an obstacle or something...until then,happy riding and stall mucking!

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