Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So this is a rarity to post twice and don't expect it very often but I have to share this update!
Today when we got to Steve's (it was NOT actually raining!)he needed some turn back riders for himself and another gentleman who is getting ready to show in a Ranch Cutting there Saturday.My friend Lisa G. had ridden down there with me and so she rode my APHA gelding "Bullseye" and we turned back for them. (Of course on the walk to the arena it DID start to pour!)

Well I was asked by the visiting rider when I was going to have a turn at cutting one of the calves out! I answered that I would whenever Mr. Steve said we were ready! Steve answered WE WERE READY for a try!

Long story short we made 2 cuts and Hayden was awesome both times for never having done this! He'd only worked the flag 2 times before! Well,Hayden ended up staying flat and even got low a few times! He had his ears back and was working off that butt.Of course I was having to rein him but he was still doing great! What a great feeling!

Before we left,I told Steve I was going to try and make it to at least watch on Saturday,maybe even bring Hayden to sit on and watch,it all depended on whether or not I would need to bring my boys since Chuck had a prior engagement. He said I needed to COMPETE in the Novice Division! OMG! "Really?" I answered? He said it was a great time to get Hayden and I started! Alrighty then! I asked him if he was aware of my panic attacks!He said he'd be there to keep me straight and aware of the time.No worries.I'll still be sure to take my meds that day for sure!

So I guess I am going to SHOW on Saturday! How cool is that? Now what to WEAR?

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  1. I'll do my best to be there with camera in hand!