Tuesday, December 28, 2010

*BEST OF* and "Year in Review"

I have wanted to do a *Best of 2010*/"A Year in Review" blog to kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak! I have needed to update this blog but have been just a little busy.I have been blessed with my photography business taking off and I have had the privileged of working with so many AUsome people that have made this year AMAZING! Below are a few of my *Best of 2010* favorites from different photo jobs mixed in with my "Year in Review". Let me tell you it was no easy task to pick these out either!

"Amber&Drop" (Oct.'10)

First I have to tell you,I went to get my truck's oil changed a week or so ago and we had been 16,000 miles since our last oil change in June! WOW! That's A LOT of miles!So you know I have had one busy year! And yes-I know that's slightly over the mark of what they suggest for changing the oil in a diesel!:)

"The Jacket" (Feb.'10)

Since my last check-in here,Hayden and I haven't shown any but have schooled quite a bit including a trip back to Mr. Tom's. We also did a Working Cow Horse clinic with Daniel Hill that was very helpful with the "big picture" of how to do that class! In fact,since August(when I reached 500 hours in the saddle with Hayden,I have put about 110 more hours on him and only about 15 of those are trail hours!

Hayden and I at Daniel Hill's Working Cow Horse Clinic (Oct.'10)

"No Split Decision" starring Lacy Childress 2009 NBHA World Champ (July'10)

Although I haven't reached some of my riding goals YET, I HAVE accomplished a lot in another area! Since July 1st,I have lost 20+ lbs. and 2 sizes! The gym and the trainer there have been super supportive! They don't even mind that I have the horse trailer hooked up most of the time when I park in their parking lot! I know Hayden appreciates having 20 less pounds to carry too!I am hoping that 2011 will see another 20lbs. dropped and maybe that will help us even more with our riding goals!

"Francesca" (July '10)

Speaking of riding goals,I KNOW it takes YEARS to get a horse finished. But sometimes I need a healthy reminder of this! I want it now! But when I look back to where Hayden and I were last year in our training compared to now-IT IS AMAZING!I am so grateful to those that have helped us this year! Maybe with a commitment of monthly visits to Mr. Tom's, we can really improve in '11! You would think,right? We will see!

"Hello Pretty" (Nov.'10)

I am really excited to get back in the show pen in '11 too! I am wanting to go for Year End points with the Alabama Stock Horse Association. So my goal is to hit the 4 qualifying shows for that! I may even try my hand at a reining class or 2 at an AQHA show! Whew! Scary! So much to work on!

"Cow Horse Morning" (Nov.'10)

Besides riding Hayden and homeschooling the boys,I have also been ring stewarding AQHA shows pretty regularly as well.For me,it's like getting a clinic plus I get to meet such knowledgeable people!

Between photo gigs,shooting horse shows and rides,riding in a few shows and clinic and going to Mr. Tom's seems like every weekend I had something somewhere! I was starting to almost feel important!I love being busy especially with horses and horse people!

"Cowgirl Buckaroo" (Nov.'10)

"Chinks On The Grey" (Feb.'10)

"The Bride&The Soldier" (July '10)

Kathryn&Richard (July '10)

For 2011 I think it goes without saying that I HOPE to improve my horse and myself! I hope to also work with many more fascinating people and families!I want to distinguish myself as a Western Lifestyle Photographer!I want to master those lead changes! Ha! It gets me so excited to think about the possibilities and what the future holds!
Good luck to all of you in 2011! I hope it is prosperous,filled with passion and warms you from the inside out!

"Ring Around the Rosie" (June'10)

Until a later date-Keep a leg on each side!